Recall an Recare

Recall and Recare – The Importance Of A Recare Appointment

Your dentures play an important role in your life. They make everything from eating to speaking easier. Thus, it's essential to keep your dentures in good shape so they can help you feeling and looking your best.

Regular checkups with your denturist are the best way to ensure your dentures fit and perform optimally. Visiting your denturist annually is recommended.
Tissues and Bone
Over time, the shape of your mouth will change. The tissues in your jaw will become smaller, which is a process known as resoprtion. This occurs most often as a result of tooth loss, bone loss, weight loss, aging, disease or illness. The biggest changes often occur within 6 months after you have your teeth extracted.
Oral Cavity
An oral exam can help detect and prevent oral cancer and other oral conditions.
Medical or Dental History
Keeping your medical and dental history up to date helps to ensure you get the proper dental treatment for your needs.
Denture fit and bite
Dentures that have become worn out can cause fit and bite problems. This can negatively affect your bite, speech and smile.
Keeping your dentures in optimal shape
Your denturist will inspect your dentures for chips, scratches, cracks, and worn or loose teeth. Any damage and defects will be repaired. Often times your dentures can be restored to its original state.
Expectations during your recall and recare appointment
  • Your dental and medical history will be updated
  • Your mouth will be examined
  • Your denture’s appearance, function and bite will be checked
  • Options will be discussed based on your needs
  • Oral hygiene and denture care procedures will be reviewed
  • If required, your denture will be cleaned and polished