Full Dentures

Full Dentures – How They Can Restore Your Smile

Your Denturist is a trained oral health care professional who can help you choose the right denture for your specific needs.

Your denturist, working closely with you, will figure out what your requirements are and the best way to meet them. Modern dentures can be moulded to the contours of your mouth, effectively restoring your smile.

How Is A Successful Outcome Achieved?
To ensure the best possible outcome, an examination and consultation is essential. Your denturist will perform a thorough inspection of your mouth and assess your oral health. This also allows you to bring up any questions or concerns about your new dentures.

Full Dentures
Full dentures are replacement teeth that you wear when all your natural teeth are gone. Full dentures (also known as "complete dentures") stay in place through suction by using your gum tissues as support. Thus, they are fully removable.

There are two types of dentures: Conventional and Immediate.
•    Conventional dentures are constructed and placed in your mouth after your teeth have been removed and your gum tissues have healed. This process can take several months.
•    Immediate Dentures are created before your teeth are removed. During your preliminary visit, your denturist will take measurements of your mouth to construct your dentures. Once your teeth are removed, you will be able to wear them right away.
The benefit of immediate dentures is that you won't be without teeth while your mouth heals. However, during the healing phase, your gums and bones will shrink, meaning your dentures may have to be adjusted and relined.

What To Expect
When you first wear your new dentures, they might need a couple weeks to get use to. During this time, you may experience minor soreness, irritation and increased saliva flow. As your mouth tissues become accustomed to the dentures, these problems will subside and the dentures will gradually become more comfortable. Follow-up appointments are often necessary to ensure the dentures are an optimal fit.

It's important to maintain good oral hygiene to keep your gums and mouth healthy. Your dentures also have to be cleaned daily to prevent plaque buildup and staining. Your denturist will give you detailed instructions to care for them during your visit.

Standard vs. Premium Personalized Dentures: What’s The Difference?
Standard dentures are ideal for the average patient using standardized shapes and tooth colours. They may be comfortable to wear for the most part; however, may not be suitable for everyone. Patients who have shrunken jaws, misaligned bites, or are looking for a customized fit, will benefit from personalized dentures.

Premium personalized dentures offer superior comfort, fit and beauty. They are customized to the contours of your mouth, making chewing and speaking easier than ever before.
Using the latest dental technology, detailed information is recorded to construct your personalized denture. From making impressions of your mouth to tracking the movements your jaw, every detail is taken down. This ensures your personalized dentures are the perfect fit to restore your healthy, beautiful smile.